Friday, 6 February 2015

The Benefits of the Fast Diet

 Returning to my blog, I would like to write something about my fast diet issue. As I wrote last year, I was excited and motivated to start a new life. I thought that my new diet would be a solution to all my eating problems. It turned out it’s not for me.

Everybody is different. Our bodies react differently to food we eat. I know that the fast diet is a good solution for someone who has a strong will. It allows to enjoy food without feeling guilty after meals. The weight falls down, the mood goes up and a strict plan gives us the feeling of safety because someone more experienced took care of the dietary plan for us. It’s supported by scientific research.

I was able to stick to it for about 2 months. I was aware that at the beginning my mind and body had to adjust to  new circumstances. Hunger is an inevitable companion for the first few months. I was happy with my commitment and the success gave me satisfaction. Controlling myself was a wonderful feeling. But there were also some bad sides…

At night before my regular day, right after the fast I would wake up several times starving. I couldn’t wait for the morning. I was frustrated and nervous. I didn’t rest at night.

On my fasts, I went to bed at seven or even earlier just to end the unpleasant day sooner, wake up in the morning and finally EAT until I was full. I lost the joy of the evenings.

Also my satisfaction and feeling in control didn’t raise the level of my mood enough to be relaxed during the day. Of course, it gave me a lot but I couldn’t cope with the never-ending hunger. It influenced my nerves and was very uncomfortable.

The other reason why I gave up the new diet was that I overate in my regular days (not the fast days). I ate more than my body needed and it was not a good thing. I felt I had to compensate the losses in my diet with too big portions of food even if I ate healthy products.
The next cause of my decision was my weight – after a month or so my scales was repaired and I noticed that my weight was the same, no matter how hard I worked out. I realized that in the fast diet I had to wait some time for the effects but I couldn’t make myself continue it for a longer period of time. The well-known thing is that when we fast, our body keeps the fat inside in order to survive. Seeing no results and worrying about the fat stored inside me, I finally gave up and ended the fast diet.

I knew it was for the better but I was ashamed with myself. I felt week and inconsistent in my decisions. I thought I lost the fight with my mind. I was conquered by my worst enemy –  HUNGER.

I needed some time to realize that resigning from the fast diet was not a failure. There are people who love it, it has a good influence on them. I am, on the contrary, a person who cannot live with that kind of discipline. Organizing my life with a calendar, having strict time of meals, counting calories is not the best solution for me. I know now that I need freedom. The fast diet rules were limiting me. I felt trapped within the strict plan.

When I finally ended my diet, I was relieved. I was calm and rested because the hunger didn’t wake me up in the night. I could still eat whatever I wanted but in  reasonable quantities. I felt better, my weight continued to fall down, I had much more energy and I finally could enjoy my evenings. I didn’t have to go to bed in order to sleep over my fast. I felt free again.

I have to admit, it wasn’t an easy decision but I don’t regret it at all now.

I was concerned about my body because when I didn’t count calories anymore, I was afraid that I might gain some weight and loose control again – fall into a bad habit of overeating. It turned out that I didn’t want to stuff myself with fast food after my fast was over. I ate in a controlled way.

There are benefits of the fast diet for me:
1)      I had to find out if it was for me. Now I can say with a clear conscience that I gave it a try
2)      my stomach shrunk after the diet. I needed smaller quantities of food to feel full so I didn’t overeat
3)      I faced the hunger and I won (unlike I thought before). I was able to resign from food. I found out that the hunger is not a thing I should be afraid of. It lost it’s power over me. I came to a point when I thought I wouldn’t last and crush down – and after reaching the climax I endured
4)      I was very strict and never cheated on the fast diet – it was a training for my will
5)      I learned some tasty and low calorie recepies
6)      I’m more aware of how much calories certain products contain and what is their glycemic index
7)      It helped me notice that the best diet for me is the one I follow now: smaller portions – more often, oatmeal with dry fruit and honey for breakfast, sweets rarely and only in the morning, dinner at around 3pm, light supper around 6pm and small healthy snacks between the meals (fruit, oatmeal cookies, kr irl cakes), stevia or rarely honey instead of sugar.

I had some problems before I set my dietary plan. I don’t know if the diet I follow now is the best one for me but I like it. I have stuck to it for a few months and up to this moment I’m fully satisfied.

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