Friday, 14 March 2014

In Memory of Wezyr

I have successfully passed all my exams a day before I started exercising.

It’s the Recovery week after the first phase of my P90X Doubles. As soon as I got back home from Łódź (after 12 hours ride in both directions squeezed in a small bus, tired but happy and relieved) I gave myself one day for rest. Then the time for P90X finally came.

I do Cardio six days a week in the morning and the planned exercises in the afternoon, plus X Stretch on Sundays. I started intensively because I had so much energy inside me, waiting to explode! Before I thought that the Classic programme was demanding. The Doubles is extreme but I love it. The thing I like in P90X is that it prepares me for new challenges. My body is used to hard workout so adding Cardio is not a problem for me, although I didn’t follow the calendar precisely – instead of making the first phase the same as in Classic I added Cardio immediately so I work out even harder.

Usually I don’t have awareness that I do two exercises instead of one. When the first one is completed in the morning it’s already in the past. Instead of feeling tired I am relaxed, rested and ready for the second workout.

Before, although I had plenty of free time in the past, I couldn’t relax during the breaks between learning for the exams. Sometimes I exerted pressure on myself to feel relaxed but the relaxation didn’t come. I couldn’t understand why I didn’t feel rested when I did nothing. I desperately needed some time for myself but when I had it I didn’t know what to do with it. I was tired all the time. Now my time is organized around my workouts. The plan made my life much easier. I work hard doing P90X but at the same time I have a lot of fun, satisfaction and when I am done I finally feel recovered, relaxed and happy. It’s like getting rid of all the tension of the day. Now I can relax because I feel that my free time is truly earned. Sometimes it’s difficult for me to make myself start Plyo X but when I do it I discover that I am stronger and better, I need fewer breaks as my body recovers more quickly. I jump and spin and squat and I want more!

There are days when I am extremely tired and exercising is almost a torture. But when I get up the next day and see the results in the weight falling down – the effort is rewarded. I may crawl on the floor, be out of breath, beg for a break but I will continue my workout no matter what.

It was difficult to make the decision about changing my life but accepting my overweight was much harder. People say that it doesn’t matter how you look like because what really matters is your interior. I agree it should be like that but in fact it isn’t. We are judged all the time and we judge other people as well. But what is more important – we judge ourselves. I didn’t feel comfortable in my own skin. Now accepting myself is much easier. In Tuesday my weight was 78,7kg, Wednesday: 78,6 Thursday: 77,7 and today – 77,5!!! I started with 86kg so it’s an enormous progress. And it’s all thanks to P90X, running and healthy dietary habits – not drastic but reasonable.

During my recovery week I don’t do Cardio but I run once in two or three days instead. Spring came to Poland in February and we have warm and sunny March. The weather motivates me to jog.

It’s a wonderful year for me because I’m finally making some changes in my life. Next year I will hopefully have the weight of my dreams – I’m optimistic about it!

I also wanted to share photos of crocuses which grew exactly on my dog’s grave. His name was Wezyr, he was a boxer and he died about three years ago. He was extremely gentle, calm and protective. He was also joyful and lively. I loved him very much. In the place where his grave is there were no flowers ever, just rare grass. A year after his funeral, in Spring, I saw the first crocus. Since then they show up every year.

 Here is me and Wezyr. I took this picture during our walk in Winter.

Helmut was very intrested in my camera.We visited Wezyr together.


  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!! On so many wonderful things. Your test, your hard work, your attitude and much more. I LOVE that flowers grew where your sweet pup is buried. Thank you for sharing that - it made me cry in a good way. I look forward to more posts!!

  2. Thank you! I achieved the good form and positive attitude thanks to your book - the word perceverance has a new, deeper meaning for me now. You gave me strength and faith in myself and, more importantly, I was able to accept the past and start a new life. I owe you a lot!


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