Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Guilt Free Eating

On Monday I started a new chapter of my life! But before I say something about it I have to recommend you the book which completely changed my life, helped me to find balance, accept myself and come to terms with the past – the book called “Perseverance”, available on: The author, this amazing and brave young woman, Vivien Leigh, decided to share her deepest secrets and the vicissitudes of her life in order to help people. She had to overcome serious problems familiar to many teenagers and adults all around the world, including me. What’s amazing about her is that she mad order out of her life, achieved her goals and managed to EAT GUILT FREE. She is a successful woman, a role model for me.

I learn how to reevaluate my life and find peace. I am still working on myself but I finally know the direction I want to follow. She opened my eyes. She made me more confident. She literally changed my life. I couldn’t stop reading her book, in her memories I could find my own thoughts. For the first time I “met” someone who shared my experience and talked about it so honestly. The book is in it's unedited version on line now and only until chapter 31. It's availuable for anyone who needs help or wants to change their life too.


I know I will return to this book from time to time in the future in order to “fix” my way of thinking, and direct it back on the right track. I love her blog and her facebook site (where I can find motivation) and, of course, her book. It’s full of optimism, motivation wisdom and TRUTH. She writes “We are all in this together”. When you talk to this warm person you really feel that she’s with you, she understands you and she cares about you. That’s my recommendation of her book. I hope I’ll convince someone to read it because – IT’S WORTH READING!!!

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