Monday, 3 February 2014

My P90X Transformation

I BROUGHT IT!!! I am officially P90X Classic graduate!!!

I started on 25th October 2013 and the 90th day was on 22 January 2014. I even did one extra X Stretch day in order to fill in my calendar completely.

Why I decided to change my life with the best, most exhausting and satisfactory workout plan? For my condition was at the critical point. In the worst moment I weighed 86kg. I couldn’t accept my body, every time I had to leave home I was depressed because of how I looked in my clothes. Sometimes I had to wear a vest or an extra sweatshirt just to hide my rolls of fat.

I have always wanted to be one of the fitness enthusiasts – those who jog every day before the sunrise, those who love spending hours in the gym and are obsessed with healthy diets. I thought they were crazy but I wanted to be like them, though I was weak and lazy, I admit.

In order to make some changes in my appearance, first I had to make order out of my life and face my weakness – the hunger. I was hungry all the time. I had a stomachache, headache and I felt sick when I skipped a meal during the day. I couldn’t controll myself. It was like a physical pain. I couldn’t resist eating snacks at night.

I changed my eating habits for the better and that was the first step in my way of getting fit. I don’t depend on diet programmes, instead I use my common sense and some knowledge about healthy lifestyle. I am starving in the evenings as I’ve decided to eat light supper at seven pm and then I eat no more before I go to bed. I have 5 meals a day. The first few days were the most difficult ones. After a while my body started to adjust to the new conditions. I realised that it’s not that hard to create new eating habits and, more importantly, I started to feel better. Perseverance and control over my diet gives me far more satisfaction than one moment of delight during eating junk food. I don’t want to return to old habits and I know that I won’t.

Having coped with my diet I started a new life. I knew there was the time to start exercising. At first I found cardio exercises on youtube. I combined them with jumping on skipping rope, hula hoop spinning, lifting dumbbells and doing squats. Every second day I jogged for about 2-3km, I had weekends for rest.

But still it was not enough. The lack of results was getting me down. I knew that in order to loose weight I had to be patient and wait for at least a month, or more.

One day I heard about P90X from my sister. Her student was doing it from time to time. I was intrigued. When I finally got the P90X programme, I had to wait for my dad to install the pull-up bar above my door (fortunately, I have one). I was impatient and desperate. In the evening, as I was waiting for the next day to start exercising, I saw the first video – “How to bring it” and that was it – the decision was made I was inspired to start. I had my calendar printed, I pinned it on my board and prepared a red marker.

From the day one I didn’t skip a single exercise, I even chose to stretch on the seventh day instead of resting. I always did all bonus rounds. I wanted to be fair with myself and I was successful.

If I told you that it was all fun I would be lying. In fact it was extremely exhausting. Instead of resting, reading books or spending time with my family I had to grit my teeth, change my clothes and exercise day after day, hour after hour. I was sweating, panting and dreaming about the rest but at the same time it gave me a lot of satisfaction. I had a feeling that I finally was doing something for my health and fulfilment. And there was one thing more – nothing gave me so much relaxation as being tired after P90X. Sitting down, watching tv, sleeping was nothing compared to a deserved and earned rest. The harder the exercise was, the better I felt. Devoting one hour and a half of my day was a very cheap price for how I felt afterwards.

It was hard at the beginning. I had to press the “pause” button almost after each exercise so it lasted two hours instead of one, only after warm-up I had shortness of breath. But I kept struggling and persevered from the first to the last second of each recording.

When I was doing push-ups I was on my knees, I was able to do pull-ups with the support of a chair. The biggest shock I experienced was on the second day – when I did my first Plyometrics. I almost admitted that I was not ready for P90X yet. Plyometrics is the jump training, in my opinion the most tiring exercise of all. But I was persistent, I didn’t give up. Sometimes I felt dizzy while jumping around. I know that it’s better to do ballistic stretching instead of sitting down but sometimes I felt sick from the effort and I had to lay down for a few minutes to recover.


I was inspired by Tony Horton. Whenever I wanted to give-up I repeated the sentence: ‘Do your best and forget the rest!’ and it helped!

After 90 days my weight was 80,3kg. I lost permanently 6kg and at the same time I developed my muscles. My body changed amazingly, I have never been so fit in my life.

During my training I had no injury. I fully trust P90X because I have tried it on myself and I am sure that this programme is safe and professional. I recommend it to anyone who wants to start a new life, feel better and get fitter and is not discouraged by a hard work.

I discovered something more. Something about me I have never expected before. I have a strong will. I know that I am capable of extreme effort. I am proud of myself and it’s all thanks to P90X!

As the time passed I didn’t need so many breaks, I was getting stronger. Now I can do a standard push-up without the help of my knees for the first time in my life! While doing pull-ups the chair is moved further and further forward. I can do crane pose in yoga: for a few seconds but still! I don’t do it for a second before I fall, no, it’s not what I mean. I do it with full awareness of my body position and with confidence, calmly and steadily. Also the wheel instead of bridge is not a problem for me as well as the side arm balance. I use a yoga block to give myself more distance in the sited single legged hamstring stretch. I wanted a leaner look so I did 12-15 reps in each exercise with 3kg dumbbells.

In the second half of February I’m going to start P90X Doubles. I have a little break until my exams are finished. I’m studying for the master degree on the first year of pedagogy and now is my first exam session. After that I will start another 90 days of extreme training, I can’t wait to feel the burn again!

Below there is a calendar with my weight measured in kilograms in the morning on empty stomach.

I will post my future progress as well because my transformation is obviously not yet completed.


  1. This is "Vivien Leigh". I love this post. I did p90x two years ago and loved it! I love all your pictures. You are one of those people who's love shines through. Your blog is inspiring and easy to read and interesting and i LOVE the cool back ground effect of the horse in the sunrise!!!

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  3. Thank you :) it's one of my favourite photos - it was taken at the time when I and Bajka were at the beggining of our friendship. I took her for a walk so tahat she could eat some fresh grass and my sister was taking photos :)

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