Tuesday, 15 April 2014

The Fast Diet

Monday, 7 April,  was my first day of Dr Mosley’s Fast Diet. Again, thanks to the book “Perseverance” and the blog about guilt-free eating “We are all in this together” (the link with recent updates is in the right column) I’m learning how to enjoy the food without guilt.

Unfortunately, on the day of my first fast, the scales in the bathroom broke down. The batteries were just changed. This scales was not the most reliable one but it fulfilled its role more or less accurately. At least it showed the changes in my weight. Now I can’t observe the progress but maybe it’s for the better. I was the prisoner of the number it showed every morning. My mood depended on it. Maybe it was the best moment to stop being so fixated about it. I know the results will come sooner or later and they will be visible.

After consulting with my mom I decided to choose the two  days of fast on Monday and Thursday, before Friday which is a day when we celebrate the end of the week and eat extra suppers, and after the weekend, which is also the time when me and my family usually indulge ourselves a little bit. On Saturday I ate reasonably but I didn’t deny myself food at all. For dinner I ate rice with apple and cinnamon at 7 o’clock. I felt so light hearted! I didn’t feel the slightest guilt about what I ate. I was excited and felt in control of my life. I couldn’t wait to start the new diet. When I told my mom about it she immediately decided to go on it too. Then, my sister heard about it and she joined us. It’s much easier for me to start the new life with the support of my family. I’m so happy and grateful to them. After the first fast day my dad also wanted to be a part of our new plan. I convinced all my family to start eating healthier. I’m so proud of them!
I would also like to say thank you to the author of the book I mentioned earlier – “Perseverance”, Vivien Leigh – I wouldn’t have done that first step without you! I owe you so much!!! You’re my mentor.
It turned out that the fast diet is not that hard. The day I was reading “The Fast Diet” for the first time I quickly planned our menu for the next day which was about 515 kcal.
I felt wonderful the whole day. I felt in control, I felt free and focused. I was able to monitor my way of thinking and set my mind right. I blocked the hunger until the late afternoon. Then I felt desperately hungry but refusing food, instead of being the problem, became the source of my inner strength. I ate my carrots and apples with a real delight. And I was full after dinner. The same day I did my Yoga X (the first day of recovery week after the second phase of P90X Doubles) and went running with my sister and dog. I had a lot of energy.

The next day I ate my musli with dry fruit and coconut, an ice-cream, a handful of pretzels and I drunk a cup of cappuccino. I know it’s not good for me but I don’t care!!! I ate it without guilt! I’ve earned it.
Yesterday was my third fast day. The two meals were well thought out. All our recepies are written down in one notebook, as well as weight and amount of calories in products we eat. The awareness that my sister, my mom and my dad are with me is extremely motivating. I don’t have a problem of tasty smells in the kitchen, I’m not tempted with junk food for all members of my house fast at the same time. It’s healthy and satisfactory for us all.

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