Saturday, 4 January 2014

The Santa Claus Run

 On the 7th of December there was a Santa Claus Run organized by the Jogging Club from my town. The route lead around the shopping mal  and it was 3 km long. Everybody wore Santa Claus hat, some people took part in a competition for the best dressed Santa Claus.
(I am the one with a reindeer on my sweater)
I don’t run very often so the distance was quite a challenge for me so I can be proud of myself. My sister Kasia and our friend adjusted their pace to me and we had a very nice time together, talking and cheering as other runners passed.

After the run there was a lottery. Each participator had a chance to win some gifts, after answering very simple questions. I was lucky to win a fishing folding chair – very comfortable and easy to carry so I spent the rest of the event sitting. Apparently I looked like I was sitting at the train station, with my jacket on my laps and a bag of sweets while others were standing around, waiting for the draw.
The whole event was very well organised, the atmosphere was joyful and we were provided with plenty of entertainment. The Santa Claus Run was very successful and I’ll definitely take part in it next year.

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