Friday, 21 March 2014

Ready for the New Challenge!

I have signed up for the 10km Street Run in my town, Przemyśl! When I decided to do it I wasn’t sure if I didn’t overestimate my form but I wanted to take the risk. No matter what result I achieve, I will definitely get a commemorative t-shirt. If I fit within the 90 min I will also get a medal. The places are limited so I didn’t want to wait. It will take place in September so I have plenty of time for training.

After I found myself on the list of participants I had second thoughts about it. The fact is I hadn’t run such a long distnace before. My record was more or less 4km. I decided I had to test my skills.

One day I checked on google maps the length of the road near my house and chose the route. I had to run to the crossroad, make 5 loops about 1 km long and come back the same road. I didn’t tell anybody about it because I didn’t want to put more pressure on myself. I took Helmut and started my test.

I made it! 10km in less than 80min. I hadn’t expected I would have done so well. My pace was quick but I made breaks for walking from time to time. When I turned on the crossroad to make another loop, Helmut tapped my leg with his nose as if he wanted to tell me: hey, we’ve already been there! He drew my attention in this way at the beginning of each lap. It was so funny and sweet.

When we came back home I realised that I didn’t hurt my legs at all. I felt they were as heavy as lead which is fine after such an effort. The same day and the next one I also did Cardio X and the second planed workout. I was tired and had to exercise less intensively. I modified moves but I didn’t give up. Running is just a bonus.

Now I know I will be able to run 10km and maybe I will even fit in time.

The photos you see here were taken last year. I cheered my sister on the First 10km Street Run organized in my town. Next year we will have fun together there, now I’m sure of it.

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