Friday, 21 March 2014

Rewarded Effort

 About two weeks ago I ran 7km with Helmut. I’m very proud of myself. In the meantime I took some pictures you can see here.

I decided to try a new track - the newly built flat road leading to some magazines. It separates from the main road, makes 1km long loop and then it joins the main road again. All cars choose the shorter road so there is hardly any traffic. I let Helmut run next to me with the leash off. He was so obedient! Mostly because after first couple of km he was a little bit tired. I had to correct him just a few times when he smelt something intresting and followed the trail. It's not surprising - he is a scenthound after all. But I need to have an absolute control over him when hie's off leash - for his own safety. I think for him and prevent dangerous situations because I have to be in charge, I'm responsible for him and also for people we meet and drivers we pass. I have to predict unpredictable and have eyes around my head. I love the time spent with him alone. We have a really strong bond. He can depend on me and I can depend on him - I'm not afraid to go to deserted places or walk during the night because he won't let anybody come near me, unless I tell him that it's alright.

I didn’t realize that we ran so long a route. I checked it at home and I was amazed! I’m in good shape now and it’s all thanks to P90X. Previously I ran 3km and I was tired, also my left ankle hurt when there was too much pressure on my joints. I’m not sure but I think my ankle recovered because I do yoga and stretching. Now I feel just a small sensitivity in it but it’s nothing compared to what I felt before.
It’s strange that such a big variety of workouts, apparently not related directly to running, had so big an influence on it. After a few km of slow jogging I am able to sprint for a while. I can run up the steep hill without breaks. Of course, my form is not that good compared to runners who run for a few years but when I compare myself to me from the previous year the difference is noticeable.

Moreover, my weight falls down about half kg when I weigh myself the next day after running (I don’t ever neglect P90X, of course) and guess what! It doesn’t grow back! I can’t believe it but yesterday my weight was 75,1kg which is my weight from before I started to gain it drastically. Today it's 74,2!!! It’s a wonderful news for me. I know, maybe I shouldn’t pay so much attention to how I look like but I can’t help it. Now all the time when I hated my body is compensated with joy and satisfaction. I feel I’m in control of my life, my weight, my food and also my mood. I know, there is still much to work on, but instead of being a problem, it became an exciting challenge.

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